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Northern Dates

Forthcoming events in the Northern Sky area

Check with venue prior to event as some may be cancelled - for selected venue links, see bottom of page.
22/04/2014 Kelley McRae Duo - The Greystones, Sheffield
23/04/2014 Georgia Ruth - The Greystones, Sheffield
23/04/2014 Merry Hell - The Venue, Stocksbridge
24/04/2014 The Short Sisters - The Black Swan, York
24/04/2014 Cara Dillon - City Hall, Sheffield
25/04/2014 Emily Maguire - The Greystones, Sheffield
25/04/2014 Jez Lowe - Roots Music Club, Doncaster
25/04/2014 Lucy Ward Band - Grand Pavilion, Matlock
26/04/2014 Vin Garbutt - The Greystones, Sheffield
26/04/2014 Acoustic Strawbs - Town Hall, Selby
26/04/2014 Hannah James and Sam Sweeney - The Ropewalk, Barton upon Humber
26/04/2014 Deborah Bonham Band - Town Hall, Ripley
26/04/2014 James Apollo - Shakespeares, Sheffield
27/04/2014 Krista Detor - The Greystones, Sheffield
27/04/2014 Police Dog Hogan - The Maze, Nottingham
29/04/2014 Jace Everett - The Maze, Notingham
29/04/2014 The Sweet Lowdown - Malt Cross, Nottingham
30/04/2014 Dan Stewart - The Maze, Nottingham
30/04/2014 The Young'Uns - Old Ship Inn, Lowdham
30/04/2014 Heg and the Wolf Chorus - The Green Room, Sheffield
30/04/2014 Martin Stephenson and the Daintees - The Greystones, Sheffield

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Beverley Folk Festival News

Beverley Festival announce some of the best known names in the comedy industry who have been added to their festival over the weekend.

Tickets for these individual events are also now available with full info included below.
Beverley Festival - It's a laugh, and that's not joking!
If you thought Beverley Folk Festival's just about music, think again.
The award-winning event, which moved to its new location at Beverley Racecourse last year, also has a history of serving up top-drawer comedy.
And 2014 proves to be no exception with three of the best known and best loved artists performing over the weekend of June 20-22 – Mitch Benn; Sean Hughes and John Hegley.
Described by The Times as "the country's leading satirist" Mitch Benn (Friday June 20) is a regular writer and performer on The Now Show (BBC Radio 4) and It's Been a Bad Week (BBC Radio 2). Three series of his successful Radio 4 show, Mitch’s Crimes Against Music have been broadcast so far.
Despite a nine-year break from performing stand-up, Sean Hughes (Saturday June 21) was voted No. 40 in Channel 4's 'World's 100 Greatest Comedians' poll. Best-known to TV audiences for his long-running stint as team captain on the panel show Never Mind The Buzzcocks and acclaimed drama The Last Detective, his equally wide-ranging film and theatre career includes starring roles in the film adaptation of Spike Milligan's Puckoon and, with Sienna Miller on the West End stage, in As You Like It.
John Hegley (Sunday June 22) is an Edinburgh festival regular. He has produced material about dog hair, potatoes and handkerchiefs in a philosophical framework.
He performed on the streets of London in the early eighties, fronting the Popticians with whom he also recorded two sessions for John Peel. He has since performed his words sung and spoken across the network for BBC radio, as well as producing 10 books of verse and prose pieces, two CDs and one mug!
The comedy line-up adds to what is already shaping up to be a great year for Beverley Folk Festival, which was recently named as a "Remarkable Tourism Event" in the 2014 REYTA Awards (Remarkable East Yorkshire Tourism Awards) , and shortlisted for Best Family Festival at the UK Festival Awards 2013.
With a series of ticket options for the full weekend or individual events, Beverley is a local festival with national and international appeal set in a family-friendly environment with plenty to keep visitors of all ages entertained.
For information and tickets: www.beverleyfestival.com Tel: 01377 217569

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Musicport News

Musicport Festival are absolutely delighted to announce their headliner for Saturday evening – the irresistible and award winning Lo'Jo and on Friday night Scottish band Idlewild will perform.

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Northern Festivals

Wath Festival
Montgomery Hall, Wath Upon Dearne

Friday 2 May - Sunday 4 May

Ashley Hutchings Morris On
The Demon Barbers XL Roadshow
Kathryn Roberts and Sean Lakeman
Kris Drever
The Grand Slambovians 
Sam Carter
Pete Morton
The Sweet Lowdown
Rex Preston and Miranda Sykes
Flossie Malavialle
The Goat Roper Band
The Teacups
Kirsty Bromley
Rose Redd
Young Performers Award Winner
See below for previous coverage of festivals 

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  The Great British Folk Festival (in Colour)   Over the last four years the annual Great British Folk Festival has grown in popularity, this year pretty much selling out the popular Butlins holiday resort on the Lincolnshire coast; not bad going for a winter festival. Almost at the same time, the festival calendar has grown from a handful of events up and down the country into something of a mammoth beast, with practically a festival on every street corner in the UK. The labelling of these festivals seems to present the greatest problem for organisers, prompting boardroom debates - or more like discussions over the kitchen table - on whether their little festival should include the most incendiary term in music or just play it safe with the now familiar 'roots' or 'acoustic' moniker; anything really that avoids the accursed F word. If you dare to use that word, then your little festival will be subjected to scrutiny by the so called 'folk police' who will let you...
Allan Wilkinson
2 December 2013 - 1:00am
  I don't really know why the Northern Sky radar failed to detect the Derby Folk Festival before now; the location is pretty well situated and the city is certainly easy to get to, Derby being pretty central to the UK, yet it has continued to pass me by for the last six years. This weekend I thought it was time to change all that and on Friday I found myself driving Southbound on the M1 heading for my very first ever Derby Folk Festival.
Allan Wilkinson
10 October 2013 - 6:16pm
  Doncaster's relationship with folk music has been rather capricious over the years, with several folk clubs popping up every now and again, run by enthusiasts ready to give it another go and each time hoping it might be a little more successful than the previous one. The heyday was certainly in the 1970s when nights at The Bay Horse Folk Club in Bentley were pretty much sold out every time. Since then clubs have popped up around the town, whether at locations such as the old Coal Lodge on Bennetthorpe, The Corporation Brewery Taps on Cleveland Street, The Three Horse Shoes just over the old North Bridge or at The Salutation, The Regent Hotel, The Mason's Arms or The Railway Tavern; the list actually goes on and on. The  folk enthusiasts responsible for some of those clubs over the years have also been responsible for a number of folk festivals in the town, each enjoying varying degree of success. Oddly enough, folk nights and festival weekends in Doncaster have only...
Allan Wilkinson
2 June 2013 - 8:21am
  Although the sun was a late visitor to this year's Shepley Spring Festival, arriving without a note on Sunday, the weather was particularly kind in comparison to some of the previous festivals we've seen, with everyone's tent remaining pretty much intact, making for a much happier bunch of campers. The verdant meadows and dry stone walls became alive with colour once the sunlight broke through the clouds that had been with us since Friday. Northern Sky's headquarters were in the comparatively comfortable and remarkably conducive surroundings of Cliffe House, a short walk from the main festival site. As I looked out of the large bay windows on Sunday morning, which overlooked the tranquil gardens, whilst being served a delightfully satisfying full English breakfast, not the tampered with or cherry-picked version my Canadian house mates preferred, but the full-on traditional everything goes variety, a smile suddenly appeared on my face. Shepley is infinitely better once the sun...
Allan Wilkinson
20 May 2013 - 12:00am
  Once again I spent the May Day Bank Holiday weekend in the small Dearne Valley town of Wath-upon-Dearne, where the community came out in force, at precisely the same time as the sun, for their annual spring celebrations. Now in its forty-first year, the festival continues to run two specific aspects simultaneously, an outdoor community festival with a whole range of activities, including various dance displays, samba, fame academy showcases, theatre, children's magic shows and a whole variety of stalls, whilst five music concerts take place over the weekend at the Montgomery Hall, featuring the cream of British and international folk and acoustic roots music.
Allan Wilkinson
12 May 2013 - 7:29pm
  Friday   The cheerful banter usually starts with the compere uttering the well-worn catchphrase 'Hi-De-Hi', to which the audience is supposed to respond with the equally cheerful 'Ho-De-Ho'. It doesn't often work out as planned as the exclusively adult audience doesn't necessarily need to be reminded that this is one of those holiday resorts normally frequented by children during the summer period, where red is the predominant colour and fun is the predominant aim and grown-ups line up on stage to exhibit their spectacularly knobbly knees, whilst young women risk potential embarrassment as they vie for the coveted Miss Butlins title, wearing nowt but a swimsuit and a sash. The attendant audience during the folk weekend is more likely to draw a comparison between the Butlins holiday resort and the concentration camps of 1940s war-torn Europe, with rows upon rows of tiny huts enclosed within a high fence as uniformed 'guards' wander around to keep an eye on things. This...
Allan Wilkinson
4 December 2012 - 1:00am
Shepley Spring Festival's sixth year was once again blessed with the sort of weather you normally jump on a plane for; sunshine throughout the three days with the slightest breeze to turn most of those who turned out for the event various shades of pink. With Elkie Brooks pulling out at the last minute due to voice problems and with no time to arrange an alternative, Thursday night was treated as a gathering of friends, where everyone took advantage of the weather, the beer and the anticipation of another successful year at one of the best loved family run festivals in the country. 
Allan Wilkinson
3 June 2012 - 11:15am
  With a steadily growing reputation as a small but well packaged event on the festival calendar, the Doncaster Folk Festival drew in its biggest audience thus far for another weekend of music. Once again The Ukrainian Centre, just a short walk from Doncaster Town Centre, hosted the main part of the event over the weekend, opening with an evening of local and regional artists including The Jar Family, Emma Jade, Paul Pearson, Halloe Away and from Hull, Circus Envy who collectively got the whole thing off to a good start, whilst a ceilidh took place across town at Doncaster College for the Deaf.
Allan Wilkinson
21 May 2012 - 11:00am
Once again the community of Wath upon Dearne came out to celebrate their annual May Day festivities, featuring various community and children's events around Montgomery Square in the town centre, along with a full programme of song and dance displays, the curious traditional bread bun throwing spectacular up the hill at the All Saints Parish Church and a veritable feast of top names in the world of folk and acoustic music, performing throughout the weekend, either on the main stage at the Montgomery Hall or in various other locations around town.
Allan Wilkinson
13 May 2012 - 11:45am
  The Kingstone School of Creativity in Barnsley provided the backdrop for this the third annual Barnsley Acoustic Roots Festival, which took place over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend. With the school's background in the performing arts, the stage in the main hall provided an ideal setting for the main concerts featuring a diverse range of artists; from solo acts such as Fran Smith who opened proceedings on Friday night through to the full-blown might of the newly invigorated Edward II who finished off the festival on Sunday night, with various duos, trios, full bands and a curious skiffle combo somewhere in between.
Allan Wilkinson
15 April 2012 - 11:30am
TURNED OUT NICE AGAIN   The Second Great British Folk Festival by Allan Wilkinson        On Sunday night, midway through his Centre Stage set, Martyn Joseph jumped off stage and wandered Elvis-like through the crowd, singing without the aid of a microphone, safety net or risk assessment possibly, in order to be united with the Skegness audience who had come along to see him play. It was probably the defining moment of the festival; a sort of 'wouldn't want to be anywhere else' moment, a moment that was shared amongst the 2000-plus audience. The festival by this time was preparing for the final home run, the climactic finale to another successful three days of folk music or at least folk roots music at the second annual Great British Folk Festival.  
Allan Wilkinson
5 December 2011 - 10:18pm
Allan Wilkinson
4 September 2011 - 12:00am
Part One: A Note or Two About Beverley..   It doesn't take visitors long to acclimatise themselves to the sights and sounds of the Beverley Folk Acoustic Roots Festival, whether it be the music coming from the main hall in the Leisure Complex or the various marquees scattered around the festival village, the club rooms, the local pubs, the occasional duelling horns outside the Chango Music stall or just from the camp site, as musicians of all ages break out their instruments for a bit of a play, after the tents are up that is. It may even be the sound of BBC Radio Humberside coming from a neighbouring tranny (transistor radio if you will) whose presenters would keep the town and surrounding area informed of the festivities via their live outside broadcasts throughout the weekend - although why Friday's broadcast started with Irene Cara squealing out the infamous Fame theme bewilders me still. These sonic delights would mingle with the familiar sounds of the area, those sounds...
Allan Wilkinson
20 June 2011 - 12:00am
  Once again as cheerful festival stewards greeted the equally cheerful festival goers descending upon this sleepy West Yorkshire village for the fifth annual Shepley Spring Festival, the seasonal elements made tent erecting an 'interesting' prospect to say the least. At the same time, it helped create a mood of camaraderie amongst the familiar faces, most of whom reacquainted themselves with each other in a spirit of neighbourly community, just as they did last year and the year before that and so on. As each tent peg was driven into the soft farmland ground, the tower of the lofty Emley Moor transmitting station looked on with informed amusement. There were no giant balls this year on the showground, which was probably wise in view of the fact that the wind would almost certainly have sent them hurtling down the valley towards the mast and in skittle-like fashion, knocking the smile off its smug little face.
Allan Wilkinson
29 May 2011 - 12:00am
The May Day bank holiday weekend traditionally brings light and colour to the small South Yorkshire town of Wath upon Dearne and has been doing so for at least thirty-nine years in the form of the annual Wath Festival. Three days of fun and music may have been the famous Woodstock slogan back in the day, with memorable stage announcements such as 'some hamburger guy had his hamburger stand burned down last night', bringing a momentary frown upon proceedings at the iconic 1969 festival in upstate New York. A similar frown appeared on the faces of the good people of Wath on Friday night when a portaloo was torched in similar fashion down by the War Memorial, damaging part of the stone memorial, the perpetrator seemingly unconcerned about the distress this silly act may have caused the families of our local heroes. But there's always one isn't there?
Allan Wilkinson
2 May 2011 - 12:00am
This weekend, the second annual Barnsley Acoustic Roots Festival reached an even wider audience than the first one back in 2010, proving at least two things; that the organisers are getting it right and that the word is getting out there. The three-day festival was once again held at two venues across town, the Barnsley Civic for the opening night and the Kingstone School for the rest of the weekend. Sixteen main concert events and countless open mic appearances, together with a couple of singaround sessions made up one of the first festivals of the year and one that seems to be gathering enough interest to establish itself as a fixture on the annual festival calendar. 
Allan Wilkinson
3 April 2011 - 12:00am
  As dusk fell upon the bitterly cold Lincolnshire coastal town of Skegness, normally populated by thousands of families during the summer months, woolly hats, scarves and gloves replaced the usual array of brightly coloured festival-wear reserved for much warmer climates. The famous Butlins holiday resort provided some much needed warmth and hospitality for those brave enough to weather the December chill coming in off the North Sea, as well as presenting a programme of suitably diverse musical artists and styles, loosely falling under the broad banner of 'folk music'.   As the resort filled with enthusiastic festival goers on Friday evening, Donovan's Catch the Wind could be heard over the site tannoy system above the Sun and Moon pub, a system presumably reserved for children's holiday announcements ala Hi-di-Hi during other times of the year. The central hub chosen for the festival was the Skyline Pavilion, a structure dominating the Skegness skyline, providing a...
Allan Wilkinson
6 December 2010 - 1:00am
  Once again the RSPB Old Moor bird sanctuary in conjunction with the Dearne Valley Green Heart partnership invited a handful of singers and musicians from around the country as well as further a field in order to support an afternoon of fun and music and to raise funds for the nature reserve. The first concert was so successful last year that it only seemed right to continue with a second concert this year and it looks likely that it will become an annual event, certainly if today was anything to go by. 
Allan Wilkinson
8 August 2010 - 12:00am
'"Ello Beverley!" begins Rory Motion as he steps into the pink-yellow glow of the acoustic stage lights. "It feels quite intimate, saying 'ello Beverley," he continues in his familiar, friendly North Yorkshire accent, referring to the town as if it were an old mate of the same name who had, perhaps, been waiting there since last year's festival. And as Rory begins shuffling his scraps of paper and nudging his guitar, harmonica and vibraphone into position at his feet, one feels almost compelled to respond with a jovial "welcome back" or a much more suitable "how's tha been, feller?"
Allan Wilkinson
21 June 2010 - 12:00am
'Do you want the quiet camp?' asked one of the friendly box office stewards as I checked into the Beverley Acoustic Roots Festival on Friday afternoon, to which I responded, without hesitation, 'oh noo, put me down for the noisy camp!' Of course there's nothing that could really be described as 'noisy' at this charming little East Riding festival, not even if you happened to find yourself right next to the speaker stacks during Gandalf Murphy and the Slambovian Circus of Dreams' extraordinarily vibrant set on Saturday night, or if you chose to postpone sleep temporarily in order to squeeze into the Wold Top Marquee for one of their popular late night sessions. The normally sleepy town of Beverley does however come alive at this time of the year for a weekend full of quality music, poetry, comedy, storytelling and dance events, all of which run simultaneously on various stages throughout the weekend, including one main...
Allan Wilkinson
21 June 2010 - 12:00am
The most welcomed visitor to Shepley this year was without doubt the sun, the presence of which was felt throughout the entire weekend, arriving just about the time the first tent peg was being hammered in and hanging around until the very last one was pulled out. Poor inclement weather has plagued the Shepley Spring Festival over the last couple of years, so much so that special provisions were made this year, including a heating system for the main marquee, which as it turned out wasn't required after all. Those familiar with Shepley will know that weather conditions never stop the smiles though and this year they were just that bit wider.  
Allan Wilkinson
29 May 2010 - 12:00am
  Once again the sleepy South Yorkshire town of Wath-upon-Dearne came alive with colour and music over the weekend, courtesy of various street performers and dance displays from around the World, including Bhangra dance, Irish dance, Street dance and the the Mighty Zulu Nation. The sound of drums from the Barnsley Samba Band and the contrasting sounds of stomping feet and jingle bells from the Wath Morris team breezed up the hill towards the Parish Church just before noon, where buns were scattered upon the gathered congregation from the tower above, after the will of Thomas Tuke was read out in the town centre moments before. A timely spell of good weather draped a blanket of sunlight upon the town just as the ancient bequest to the 'poor' - that 'Forty dozen penny buns will be thrown from the church tower at 12 o'clock on Christmas Day, forever' - took place. Thomas Tuke obviously wasn't thinking too much about inflation 200 years ago as penny buns...
Allan Wilkinson
3 May 2010 - 12:00am
Barnsley has been sadly bereft of a folk festival for almost twenty years now and this year a small group of local music enthusiasts, namely Carol Roberts, Stephen Dolman and Hedley Jones, together with a handful of volunteers, decided to put that right and stage a memorable show over the weekend at a couple of familiar locations in the town. Under the heading of the Barnsley Acoustic Roots Festival, this formidable team gathered together some of the best known names in the business for three days of fun and music starting at the Civic in the town centre on Friday night, with a concert featuring the inimitable Eliza Carthy Band as well as local hero Dave Burland and the 'small town boy' Gerry McNeice. 
Allan Wilkinson
19 March 2010 - 1:00am
Curtis Eller
FRIDAY It doesn't take long to acclimatise yourself to the Beverley and East Riding Folk Festival once you've got yourself suitably accustomed to the handful of minor changes from the previous year. This year for instance, a new Concert Marquee was to be found on the Festival Village site, which replaces the usual Memorial Hall across town, currently closed for refurbishment. All the main concerts could therefore be accessed within a short walking distance, making those of us suffering from chronic idleness grin like a kindle of Cheshire kittens. The parking therefore had to be separated from the camp site, in order to make extra room on the festival site itself. This was really no hardship at all as the car park was located just over the road from the main site gates. Despite the blustery wind that blew across the camping field on Friday afternoon, the weather was fine when most of the festival goers arrived and the sun was out, which helped to create a good festival atmosphere...
Allan Wilkinson
22 June 2009 - 8:48pm
There's a couple of young musicians who live down the lane in the self-contained village of Shepley, almost hidden amongst the rolling meadows of the Pennine fringe just to the south of Huddersfield. You imagine Jack Rutter and Lydia Noble would be delighted to have the opportunity to develop their craft each Spring without travelling much further than their own doorsteps.
Allan Wilkinson
19 May 2009 - 12:00am
Allan Wilkinson
22 June 2008 - 12:00am
There's an extraordinary sense of a community spirit that you couldn't fail to absorb upon arriving in the Montgomery Square area of Wath-upon-Dearne on a May bank holiday weekend. You may choose to join the festivities right at the very beginning, attending one of the Eric Sampson Schools Concerts, which take place sometime during the midweek period leading up to the bank holiday weekend. You may on the other hand choose to come along early on Friday evening, plying for one of the best seats in the house for the first of the five concert sessions, which would no doubt feature one of your favourite names on the folk and acoustic scene. You may even decide to skip all that and just come along with guitar in hand to attend the final informal session at the Sandygate on bank holiday Monday afternoon. Either way, you would be guaranteed a community atmosphere and a friendly face to meet and greet you. So carefully planned is the running order at the Wath Festival these days, that...
Allan Wilkinson
5 May 2008 - 12:00am

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